G Pro Vaporizer Review

The g pro is a convection style vaporizer from Greco science. This is a product that’s relatively popular simply because it has found a lot of large names to endorse it. They have people like Snoop dogg and just a bunch of other popular people that have put their names behind it. I’m sure the majority of you guys have heard of either the g pen or the g pro. But like I did say this is a convection style vaporizer. There are two types of dry herb vaporizers, conduction vapes and a convection vaporizer. The main difference being, when you have a conduction vaporizer, it’s probably going to combust easier simply because when it comes to conduction vaporizers your dry herb or your material sits directly on your heating element.

Since your material is in direct contact with the element it’s going to heat quicker and you’re going to have a higher chance of actually combusting the material instead of vaporizing it. When you have a conventional style vaporizer it essentially works like a miniature convection oven. The chamber itself doesn’t get hot and it basically just hits the inside of the chamber and vaporizes your herb. It heats your herbs to a point of vaporization instead of essentially being in direct contact with your herbs and combusting which makes it a convection vaporizer. The G Pro has a nice step up in my opinion and we also got some close-ups while unboxing the unit. The packaging of the product is very classy and sleek. Let’s jump into the actual unit itself. So, the unit feels relatively sturdy even though there is a couple of cheap plastic pieces. Never the less, it looks nice it feels great in the palm of your hand.


Moving on to the chamber, this thing can hold just about 500 milligrams of dry herbs which is about .5 grams. The mouth piece itself has a removable replaceable screen on the bottom which has been implemented to make sure you don’t suck any weed into your mouth. This vaporizer also comes with a micro USB charger, which in my honest opinion, is better than the AC or DC chargers. The G Pro is powered on by five clicks of the power button. When you want to change the color all you have to do is press and hold the button for a few second. The red indicator means yours vape is running at 320 degrees Fahrenheit while green means 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, when your light is blue, your unit is burning at 420 degrees Fahrenheit. To turn off the G pro give the power button five clicks just like when you turned it on.

Let’s jump into contents of the box. As mentioned above you’ll notice we have a micro usb charger which comes with a wall plug. You can also plug the G Pro into your computer if you need to update your unit. Also, included within the box you will come across a five pack of extra replaceable screens. Which is something you’re going to have to replace frequently so that’s really nice to have some backups. Cleaning brushes and extra mouthpieces are also included with your new vaporizer simply because the mouthpiece tends to get really hot when you’re using it. They do also throw in a little grinder card which is really nice to keep in your wallet. This is a true vaporizer. There’s a lot of pens on the market today that just happen to be combustors meaning they’re not true vaporizers. Here is a quick pro tip; Don’t pack it too tight because you are still going to want to get airflow!

Final Thoughts

Like many, the main reason I’m looking to purchase a dry herb vaporizer is for the taste, simply because even though it’s healthier than smoking from a bong, pipe or joint I prefer being able to taste my herbs to the fullest. The actual high doesn’t really compare to other smoking methods in my personal opinion so when I’m looking at a vaporizer the main thing that I’m interested in is taste. When you start smoking out of the G Pro vaporizer you may notice that the first 20 hits taste very distorted. We came across a very gross plastic taste which eventually disappeared after a while. Another fact to note is that this unit doesn’t produce the most vapor compared to other units on the market but for the price point of this unit you cannot go wrong.